XML Sitemap


Often, you’ll hear talking heads in the SEO industry say “never do anything for search engines that you wouldn’t do for users.”

In my opinion, this is a way for them to sound like they’re less “spammy” than scrapier SEO’s. Either way though, there are just some things that you have to do for search engines that literally no user will ever ever know about.

The XML sitemap is a critical piece of the SEO architecture pie that falls into this category.

The XML sitemap is basically a list of every page on your website that you want to be included in search engine indexes. It’s incredible easy to do and has an extreme impact on indexation.

Nike's XML Sitemap for their Golf CategoryNike’s XML Sitemap for their Golf Category

Note: Even if you have excellent pages on your site, they may not be indexed solely based on the fact that they’re not in your XML sitemap. I’ve seen this more than enough times to learn the lesson.

To learn more about XML Sitemap (how to properly and improperly implement, as well as how to find it on your site), signup for SEO Pro here.