Introduction to Architecture

Welcome to the first part of ACE (Architecture, Content, and Endorsements)!

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The goal of Architecture

The primary goal of improving your site’s architecture with regard to search engine optimization is to make sure that your content on your site can be indexed fully and quickly.

If your content is not indexed, it cannot rank at all, and if it is not indexed quickly, you are simply prolonging the ranking opportunities you have for your site.

By making sure you’re architecture is sound, search engines can index your site and use it’s content and endorsements as signals to rank your content compared to your competitors.

Learn how the three factors of ACE work together in the SEO 101 course.

How to think about Architecture

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Sometimes, SEO concepts can go over people’s heads who aren’t in the weeds of SEO day after day. If Architecture seems like one of those concepts that is just too out there, use this analogy to help bring it back down to earth:

First, think about your website like it’s a hotel in New York City.

Next, think about search engines as hotel critics. These critics are trusted by people looking for a hotel in New York.

In order for these hotel critics to give your hotel a rave review and recommend it to their followers, they have to experience your hotel, right?

Well, how would that experience be rated if the doors of your hotel were always shut?

Probably not too good, right?

You see, there are many ways that you could unintentionally lock the “doors” of your website, not allowing search engines to come in to your site and access the content hidden inside.

By being intentional about the factors within the architecture bucket of search engine algorithms, you can ensure that search engines will always be able to access your hotel and be able to give it a fantastic recommendation for future guests!

Architecture lessons

Review each lesson in this chapter to get a comprehensive understanding of what each key architecture factor is. If you’d like to learn what to do, what not to do, and how to find it on your website (or your client’s website) with real-life examples from some of the world’s largest brands, sign up for SEO Pro.