HTTPS:// (Secured Server)


Ever since they started blocking organic search queries, Google has increasingly become more and more on a PR rampage a “more secure” web.

Although by in large, marketing websites never need to be secured, similarly to the fact that reporting keyword data does not need to be secure #IMO, Google is pushing toward this interesting opinion of a secure web.

Now, if all else is equal, Google will serve up a secured website (one using HTTPS) higher than a non-secured website (one using HTTP).

https diagram-01

This is, again, tying back to the idea that if you align your goals with Google, you’ll perform better over time.

NOTE: In terms of priority, this should be fairly low on your list because it’s not going to affect the site too much at this point, but it will most likely affect sites more and more in the future, so definitely have it on your list.
So, if you feel like you’ve really knocked it out of the park in pretty much every area of SEO, and have some room in your budget / resources, make your website secure.

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